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where our agricultural heritage is deeply rooted in Australian soil.

Co-founded by Martin Hockey and Matthew Barnes, our company is the culmination of decades of hands-on farming experience combined with a deep understanding of agricultural science, farm management, and commerce. Our origins trace back to a simple yet profound realization: despite the adoption of the latest farming innovations since the 1990s, true, sustained profitability remained an elusive goal for many. 

Our mission is crystal clear:

To rectify the widespread issue of soil fertility imbalance caused by haphazard farm input application. Through the creation of bespoke, long-term fertility plans, we have guided our clients away from financial inefficiencies, lessened their exposure to the whims of seasonal changes, and contributed positively to the rural ecosystem. 

In a relatively short period, we have grown to support a network of over 120 farm clients, spanning nationwide. While our client base is largely rooted in broadacre cropping, we also serve many horticultural and intensive grazing operations. 


Our team is comprised of highly trained agronomists, not salespeople.

 The advice we provide is based on knowledge and evidence, free from the influence of agricultural chemical or fertiliser companies. Each product we recommend is backed by independent scientific research, ensuring it offers genuine cost benefits to our clients. Honesty and integrity guide our advice, ensuring it remains free from the taint of kickbacks or commissions. 

What sets Australian Soil Planners apart is our fundamental approach:

“We put client profitability at the forefront of everything we do.”


Our services are offered through a straightforward annual retainer, ensuring our clients have unfettered access to their agronomist, whether via phone, email, or through scheduled farm visits at their convenience. This retainer also opens the door to a suite of exclusive benefits, including client group tours, access to results from cutting-edge scientific trials, and participation in a buying group for farm inputs. 


Our engagement begins with a detailed scientific analysis of your farm’s soil fertility, identifying specific deficiencies that hinder crop production and performance. From there, we develop a tailored fertility program that aligns with your crop, soil, and climate, and budget needs. Our recommendations might include changes in crop rotation, introduction of new pastures, or adjustments in fertiliser use to improve nutrient efficiency. Throughout the season, we maintain close communication with our clients, conducting regular analyses to ensure that our recommendations are on point and adjust as necessary for optimum yield and profitability. 

As we move forward, we are committed to leading the way in sustainable farm profitability..

..ensuring that our clients’ land yields the best possible returns, both now and in the future.

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